The true colors of the world

Each of us is what makes this world great, and without each other we would not be where we are today. I talk about the human race as a whole, and about love, which is the greatest gift that life has given us.

Today, we see differences among ourselves before putting love first. We see races, we see colors, we see sizes, we see shapes, and we separate ourselves based on those differences.

The only thing that difference has brought is ‘comparison’, and this consequently brings separations. For instance, if you go to a store and you like a specific shirt. The shirt comes in blue, red, or green. And you call that what? Difference. The difference you see makes you chose one color, the color that you think is the most beautiful. In other words, that color is superior to the other colors. With the same thought, that is how we are living in the world. We are choosing which color we like the most, which color we think is the most beautiful. Therefore, we create superiority and inferiority. Because from looking at the differences, we create preference.

Preference automatically make us like one color more than the other. And liking one color more than the other doesn’t necessarily make us hate the other, but for most people it does. That is how most of us tend to look at races, and it is sad to say that it is true.

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