The Social Network side of Roleplay Social is closed! But it’s not over?


Roleplay Social has served as a social network and community for roleplayers and anime lovers for years now, but today that changed with the closing of the beloved ‘social network’ and the opening of a roleplay social blogging network.

Roleplay Social’s main purpose still remains the same!

(To help writers and roleplayers find others to roleplay with.)

However, roleplay rocial has simply switched from providing a place for people to roleplay on, to helping others improve on their writing and roleplaying skills by providing tips and tricks on how to do so.

Roleplay Social also hopes to help people by redirecting roleplayers and writers to active roleplay communities. Roleplay Social doesn’t wish to leave anyone behind and still wishes that everyone be able to enjoy what they love to do. ‘Reading, writing, and even roleplaying is important for almost everything you do, or will ever do in this life.’ ~vladimirsbach

Here is a simple example of where roleplaying is really important!
Where would the army be without roleplay? Yes the army does roleplay!
Every time the army, navy, or almost any military for that matter, prepares their troops, they engage in roleplay acts to strengthen and train their men or women. These acts typically consist of placing the troops in situations that simulate obstacles they may face in combat, or place a certain kind of pressure upon the troops to get them ready for stressful situations. The battlefield is one of the most stressful places in the world, and don’t let anyone try to tell you differently. Making decisions where ‘life and death’ is involved, is hard, even for the most disciplined of people, and the effects of war can never truly be trained for.

And of course without reading or writing, you wouldn’t have been able to enjoy reading this post, and I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy writing it. Feel free to leave some feedback in the comments and look forward to more posts like these.

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