The Illusion – Poem by Vladimir Bach

I can’t handle this illusion any longer, I trudge on forward everyday, only to end in ruins. Where is the possitive side of what I’m brewing? All I see is the darkness, swirling. There is no light, hidden within this whirling void, and I see myself reflected in the bleak darkness. I can’t stop these…

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Obsession Inflicts Wounds – Poem by Vladimir Bach

” Time will never heal the wounds inflicted upon me and the void that you opened inside my heart, will never heal. “ ” I can wait for an eternity for the sun to rise, but as long as I am chained here in the dark I will never see its’ light. “ “I can’t…

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The Fear and Anxiety Poem

The fear, the anxiety, it is like a knife that stabs at thee, every time I speak the words are like a blade in my gut ready to silence me. No matter how I struggle the words don’t escape and I leave the world in utter solitude. My mind is now quieted, my words are…

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