Looking for a Negan Roleplayer

Negan from the Walking Dead. Or if you have seen the movie The Resident and wish to rp Max from the movie, but I figure it is lesser known. Message me for details… http://roleplaysocial.me/forum/topic/looking-for-a-negan-roleplayer?page=1#post-205

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Roleplay Social is waiting for you

The roleplayers and writers on Roleplay Social are waiting for you to join and mingle with them over on the roleplay social me network~ If you like to make friends, chat, roleplay, customize your profile and so much more then you are already missing out! What are you waiting for? http://roleplaysocial.me

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Want others to find you?

Send me a message at vladimirbach@yahoo.com or tweet me @roleplaysocial and I will place a post for you on the site letting other roleplayers know what site you are on or how to contact you! Cheers – Vladimir

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