Seigmund G. Metzger (character sheet)

“I have transcended beyond this mortal coil, and have become a living god. Prepare your armies, and inform your next of kin, because I am the man who will ruin all that you create.” -Seigmund G. Metzger


(Before you read I’m currently seeking out an artist to draw Metzger, so I can delete the appearance descriptions to an extent, go more in-depth, and actually post the pictures here. I will be crediting the artists who do help me with art, and will give them my own personal thank you.)


  • Name: Seigmund G Metzger
  • Player: Man-Made-Maniac
  • Gender: Male
  • Alias: The Man Made Maniac
  • Age: 36
  • Race: Human
  • Nationality: German
  • Hieght: 6.3
  • Weight: 278lbs
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Relasionships: None
  • Affiliations: Ex-Millitary(Navy seals)
  • Alignment: Chaotic, Nuetral
  • Role: Support, Initiatior, Advancer
  • Appearance(Combat): Mainly seen in black combat gear wearing a black military grade gasmask, other than that he has blue eyes black hair which he keeps very short often leaving it messy, he has a muscular build
  • Appearance(Formal): He is often seen wearing a flannel button but shirt, blue jeans, an under  shirt(tank top), and a pair of black combat boots.
  • Occupation: Self employed gun smuggler, and biochemical weapons dealer.
  • Personalities: Seigmund G. Metzger, The Enforcer, Nomad (everyone living in his head)
  • Fears: “When you’re as powerfull as we are, you only fear death itself.”
  • Handedness: Ambidextrous
  • Personality: “Depending on which person you’re speaking to you’ll find a different personality. I’m the nice guy. I don’t go on rampages. Normally I get along with people, and don’t like violence. Then there’s the other guy…He burns down houses when you piss him off, and is what you would consider a brute. Then there’s nomad, He’s more of the stealthy quiet type.I’ve only heard him speak once, and dare I say he’s even more psychotic than the other guy.”

    Advantages: Hand To Hand expert, Silver tongue, Intelligent, Combustible Gas Grenades, Healing fog (If powers are allowed), Expert marksmen

    Disadvantages: Smokers lungs, Combustible Gas Grenades, Paranoia, Split Personality, Schizophrenia

    Abilities: Trained hand to hand expert, and able to turn anything into a weapon, I’d say Metzger’s main ability is his ability to use his environment to his advantage.

    Abilities(Supernatural):Due to his exposure to his own chemical creations his cells emit a fog like gas which can heavily speed up the division of cells, and can allow for major recoveries rather quickly. On a side note to this depends on who is in control mentally, So if the nice guy in in charge this effect is at it’s most powerful, however if the other guy is in command this ability switches into an overdrive into the process of expanding his stamina instead of cellular division. When the nomad is in control this fog focuses more on supplying oxygen to those within it. (Basically depending ln which personality has control over Metzger currently the fog changes, and adds different supportive effects to his allies)

    Backstory: Born to a proud German mother, and an abusive drunkard for a father, Metzger’s childhood is what triggered his insanity. Metzger’s father never allowed him, or his mother to have much interaction with the outside world, so Metzger’s mind created his own friends. One by the name of Nathan, and the other he called teddy. These people started out as simple imaginary friends, and actually kept Metzger sane through most of his childhood. Eventually however at the age of 8 these imaginary friends began to develop as alternate personalities in metzgers mind, However they still had very little influence on Metzger’s actions as a human being. Around this same time his parents noticed his grades excelled in school, especially in science, and even began to teach his parents things they didn’t know when he took an interest in the periodic table memorizing it’s contents by age 9. Metzger’s father around this time had acknowledged his problems, and had begun to fix them, meanwhile with the absence of his father Metzger’s mental state began taking a turn for the worse. He developed new names for his alternate personalities, and they began filling his head with thoughts of arson, and murder. Now having his imaginary friends go by “Enforcer”, and “Nomad” he began to become a social outcast. Naturally his mother went to the doctor when her son began showing signs of insanity. Metzger being a child prodigy passed the mental exam with flying colors by suppressing his dark thoughts during this test. His mother protested when the doctor told her that Metzger was in perfect mental health, and insisted there was something wrong with her child. Finally, when she began shouting, she was escorted out of the doctors office with her child. When Metzger’s, now sober, father had returned he had turned 10, and both parents became deeply worried when he became obsessed with fire. A year later at age 11 his parents had to file a missing persons order, because he had ran away from home. When he was caught he told his mother looking down at the floor. a more sad look on his face “Nomad told me to.”. After this once again he was taken to the doctor, where Metzger suppressed the alternate personalities, and passed the mental exam with flying colors. Years later at age 18 having graduated from college, he decided to enter the military where he would serve in the navy seals for, 8 years where he learned how to turn several things from any environment into a weapon, or into an advantage. Aside from that he began experimenting with chemicals, creating several gases without others knowing. When he exited the military he stayed in an apartment, and got a job at a chemical plant, where he proceeded to steal chemicals from them for 3 years until quitting. After that Metzger began gun smuggling, and selling his own chemical creations to several gangs, and criminal buyers in berlin. To protect him self he illegally bought 1 flamethrower, 1 mac-10, 2 combat knives, 1 military grade gas mask, and a set of combat gear.






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