About The NPCS.. (New Update)

Well, the NPC thing is a complete success but.. It hasn’t worked in fact of ”NPCS that can survive powerful opponents.”


So, please forgive the confusion. Here is 10 new NPCS that have powers and can withstand most other challenges. LVLS vary. And will reflect on how powerful the NPC is.


This is a list of all 10 NPCS for this month. I’ll upload 5 more after this on 10/3/2017. Again, sorry for the mix up, I got it right this time. XD Please don’t ban or delete my account guys.


1: Lord Dimentios

2: MONK/Red T.K.O

3: Karl (+Arma)

4: Mistress Dreemurr


6: Plague Knight X

7: Phantom Chaos (+P.A.I.N)

8: Seed

9: SpLiT(+PeRsOnA)

  1. Lupus Wolf Kublai-Sama (NinKenDog)


Thanks for listening. I’ll upload them when I feel like.


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