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  • The Roleplay Social network is starting back up on oxwall. You can join us on http://roleplaysocial.me 

    Feel free to check us out and roleplay to your hearts content!

    We will need new staff and new roleplayers!

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    Check us out on http://roleplaysocial.me the roleplay social network for those who liked the oxwall side

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    Moo moo…

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    Hello ma ma : )

    -gives the banana-

  • Due to general lack of activity, accompanied with a bunch of troll related matters, aniroleplay.net was closed down and pointed towards Roleplay Social, as it waits for the social network reboot in November.

    On a […]

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    Welcome to roleplay social blog.

  • Vladimir Bach posted a new activity comment 1 month, 3 weeks ago · 

    Welcome to roleplay social blog.

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    I don’t really have any friends online. I really don’t know why I keep coming on..

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  • Lyrics:

    I feel Ashamed,
    With Abandon in my Heart and on my Face…
    I’ve suffered the Blame,
    I would show to you this way but I’m too late…

    When the Sorrow it breaks them,
    I will replace them
    For You.

    Dead […]

  • Lyrics:

    I was scanning through the skies
    And missed the static in your eyes
    Something blocking your reception
    It’s distorting our connection
    With the distance amplified
    Was it all just synthesized?
    And now the […]

  • Lyrics:

    There’s a silencing
    As the machine arrives here
    I feel it pulling me
    I feel the past that’s died there
    I hear it calling me
    “You can come alive here.”
    I hear it beckoning
    Until I am inside
    Riding the […]

  • Lyrics:

    In you and in me
    Fuse us
    Into unity
    We’re coupled
    Born from the universe
    The void is calling
    Don’t fear
    For futures and dreams
    They’re fleeting, retreating
    It’s ok
    I promise
    I […]

  • A place for people to store their game of throne characters.

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  • If you still have the time to read this post, then you still have a everything you need to strive for your dreams, your passions. Even if those dreams and passions are smaller than once imagined. Never give up! […]

  • Lyrics:

    I’m here again
    A thousand miles away from you
    A broken mess, just scattered pieces of who I am
    I tried so hard
    Thought I could do this on my own
    I’ve lost so much along the way

    Then I’ll see your face
    I […]

  • Lyrics:


    [Verse 1]
    A figure for the closing of time: the antagonist, divine
    Void of vacant word, one final answer to be heard
    I will carry my decree into a storm of lead
    This is total war, my want for […]

  • Lyrics:

    And we were bold
    Over the world
    We were flying through the satellites
    We had ahold
    Of the lightning strikes
    When we should have been afraid of heights
    And I was trying just to get you
    And now I’m dying […]

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