How do you create a fictional world with science fiction and fantasy elements?

Hello everyone it is Vlad here! I am just sharing an old post I wrote for someone that was looking for tips; in hopes it may help others as well.

Have you ever truly explored either of these subjects? In order to write a good story, or create a fictional world based on whatever interests you have, you need to learn as much as you can about them. Science Fiction is a broad variation of things and there are many fantasy aspects already embedded in the genre. Science Fiction – The word Fiction dictates that it is imaginary or a fantasy in a sense. So you already have a story with fantasy elements and science fiction elements. Now it really depends on where you wish to go with your fictional world. What kind of creatures, people, and items are there in your fantasy world? Is your world filled with Supernatural beings, is it a world based on the real world, with a few fictional or fantasy aspects? How much of fantasy do you want and how realistic do you want it to turn out? There are so many ways to answer this question as it all depends on you and what you want your reader to know, see, feel, taste, etc.

Some of the best fantasy novels have their roots in science, because it takes science to create a viable and believable fantasy world. Science serves as a base to anchor the whimsical elements. Even with its analytical nature, science can only takes us so far. There is just so much out there we don’t know. We’re still discovering uncategorized animals and plant species, and there’s an ongoing debate over whether time is infinite. No matter how analytical science becomes, there is always room for imagination.

I’m convinced that the best fantasy worlds are most like earth. That makes sense when you think about it. Each reader enters a fictional world as a stranger who needs to acclimate. The shorter that process, the better. It is the story, and not the special effects, that will most captivate your readers. Build a world with geology, weather, flora, and fauna that all make sense, then from that springboard jump off into fanciful areas. Introduce them as a parallel reality and you won’t have to explain them as part of your world’s natural laws. Or the fantasy elements in your novel can disrupt the logical order, putting your world out of balance in a way that needs to be corrected.
Feel free to discuss further on this subject if you have more thought or opinions.

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