Greenpool A.K.A. James Hayter the Immortal Human.

Name: James Hayter

Nickname: Greenpool, Box Boy

Age: Unknown (Immortal also he lost count)

D.O.B: 4/8/????

Race: Human Immortal.

Height: 5’9

Blood type: A+

Weight: 100 lbs

Gender: Male

Likes: Guns, swords, sweet foods and drinks, fuzzy animals, explosions, making friends, cussing a lot, cardboard boxes.

Dislikes: Anyone betraying him, anyone looking down at him, bullies.

Personality: James is the oddest person one can meet. One moment he can be happy then a split second he can be mad or sad to other emotions others think James has multiple personalities which in his case he does. There are to many personalities to count that James has within himself some can take control to where others he just argues with to others telling to do right from wrong. So James isn’t the most stable of people no one knows why he has so many personalities cause he’s been alive for so long? Even if he does get into trouble James does love to help out from giving money to the homeless to even doing wet work for free for any poor families who have been wronged.

Skill sets: Master of all guns and swords, he can speak in German, Thai, Swedish, Russian, English, Chinese and Japanese, James is very deadly in hand to hand combat.

Abilities/Flaws: James is immortal since he drank the immortal wine elixir so can he pretty much heal from anything and is known for unable to get sick from any kind of diseases. But James does have a weakness which is jade like weapons these can stop his healing factor on point able to kill depending where he’s been injured at. James knowns a buddhist technique that can prevent anyone reading his mind but James uses this in a different matter most who uses this technique nothing comes up when reading one’s mind but with James his mind can be read but no how one would think he mainly thinks about food, booze, guns also like “Did I leave the oven on?” James happens to have many personalities within him that even himself can’t count to. This does end up letting lose a lot of focus on things around him since they are so many voices.

Weapons/Items: James carries two 9mm pistols on him at all times, as well two katana blades on his back he carries a few grenades and flash bangs as well and smoke bombs. James can add a few more weapons if needed depending on his mission such as sniper rifles to other weapons.

Curses: James has a curse on him which he’ll turn into a child on every full moon while in this form James might look cute but his strength has increased by a lot unlike his normal/adult form which he would have a strength of a normal person.

Skin: Peach.

Hair: Green

Eyes: Green

Bio: James Hayter grew up with a rich family his mother and father so he didn’t stay in one place for to long since his parents loved to go out and adventure so James had a lot of time speak different languages. One day he was in China in the forest and lost track of his parents so he was in this forest for days he couldn’t remember how long he was lost for since all he could think of was staying alive. He managed to get by with a few close calls but he did start to get weak from lack of water since he was worried about his mother and father then he came across a odd cave so he thought this would be a good place to camp at. So he enter this cave and seen a green bottle his thirst was so bad he could not help himself and ran towards this bottle not even reading the signs near by as he drank the whole bottle not knowing it was a immortal wine elixir which granted him immortality unable to age and heal from almost anything. Now since James gotten something to drink he taken a nice nap when he woken up he found himself at a monk temple as the monks discus what todo with James since he drank their elixir. After a good six hours which felt like six hours to James they let him go not wanting to do any harm to this young boy. So now James explores the world to find his missing parents but is having no luck on finding them maybe they are dead since James can’t age? Being alive for so long and the skill James has government programs where looking James’s way wanting to make a clone of him to make the perfect solider so they gotten DNA of James and made a clone. Of course if a government gonna make a perfect solider program James gonna stop it so he did but he found a clone of himself a male a young baby he couldn’t bring to kill a baby so James taken the kid and raises that kid as his own.

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