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    Vladimir Bach

    Flaming arrows rained down from the sky as sickening screams of pure terror pierced the silence. Bodies of the once dead, had begun to move again and consume the flesh of the living. Those who could resist tried with all their might, only in the end, to succumb to the curse of the dead, becoming those monsters. Becoming zombies.. – prologue

    The world changed overnight, consuming the human population faster than any other plague in history. As I slept, the world turned into a zombie wasteland. How I managed to survive, I may never really know. Perhaps my body holds the secret to the cure, or maybe there’s some other survivors out there.. But where?

    My way of life left me secluded from the rest of the world, and perhaps that is the reason my home remained untouched until last night. Living out in the middle of nowhere, has its benefits. I can live my life the way people used to live, in the wild, with the wilderness. Everything I ever needed was out here, key word.. was.

    Last night was one hell of a night, and now I am just happy I’m alive.

    It started out like a normal night for me. During the evening time I went to prepare some firewood to make myself dinner, as I usually do around the same time every day. This is when I noticed a foreigner approaching my house and I took precautions, pulling out my crossbow. His approach seemed rather odd and I made sure to note this, perhaps he’s intoxicated and walking as such. However as I began to speak and tell the man to halt his approach, he didn’t seem responsive, in fact he seemed to react more aggressively when I spoke.

    “Halt! Don’t come any closer.”

    His only verbal responses to my words were what sounded like grunts or moans and as he grew closer a stench of rotting flesh began to permeate the air. The smell was horrible, like rotten pig fat, and only got worse as the being grew closer.

    “Stop I said!”

    With no hesitation from the being that only drew closer and closer, its appearance became more clear, the rotting flesh and scars on its face almost as terrifying as the missing eyes and nose.


    The sudden shock made my first shot off target, hitting the zombie in the shoulder and it simply shrugged the arrow off and kept coming towards me. Moving backwards, I quickly fumbled to load another arrow into the crossbow and fired a shot into the zombie’s right leg which immobilized that leg, but the zombie kept coming anyways, simply hobbling on the other leg.

    My heart was beating out of my chest, simply about to explode as I fumbled to load another arrow and fired it into the zombie’s other leg. Crippled, the zombie still didn’t want to give up and decided to start crawling towards me now, using its front arms to pull its body towards me.


    Trying to load another arrow and finish the zombie, I tripped and fell backwards tossing my crossbow behind me as my leg got stuck underneath a trees root. Quickly I tried to free myself but to no avail and as the zombie drew closer and closer I feared it was all over, until I realized I still had the arrow in my hand and could still survive if I moved smart.

    So with my heart beating out of my chest, I waited for the zombie to crawl over to me and as it went to attack I stabbed the arrow into its skull, and freed myself from the roots of the tree.

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