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    Name: Omen
    Player: Man-Made-Maniac
    Gender: Male
    Nicknames: Omen
    Race: Undead
    Class: Necromancer
    Alignment: Lawfull, Neutral
    Deity: Himself
    Age: 1,896,187 years of age
    Body Type: Muscular
    Height: 7.8
    Weight: 289 (dead weight)
    Complexion: pale
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Crimson
    Handedness: Ambidextrious
    Scars: Two scares going longways across his eyes
    Relationship Status: widowed
    Personality: Wise, Cryptic, Kind, vengeful
    Likes: Corpses, tea, working, and sour foods
    Dislikes: Not having anything to do, sweets, criminals, and war
    Mannerisms: Levitation


    Combat style, and use of magic
    Omen does not fight most of the time, rather having the horde fight for him. This allows him to use his centuries of experience in combat strategy to play his foes into his own traps, and deadly assaults. Omens use of magic works in stages which I will now describe. Stage 1: Keystone stage- The gemstones in his gauntlets will give off a slight glow, allowing him to cast master level spells, and refuel his mana pool by using the mana the earth creates. Stage 2: Mana fountain stage- This stage requires the construction of a large fountain in a central area, and requires the sacrifice of hundreds of restrictors to create. This fountain converts normal mana into it’s darker counter part, dark-mana. This also allows omen to directly manipulate objects dealing with dark-mana (cursed objects, necromantic objects, etc), and even negate the effects of cursed items. Stage 3: Fortification stage- This stage massively boosts omens military, and increases his summoning limits by the creation of a dark castle/mansion for him to plan out attacks, and otherwise strategic actions. Stage 4: Urbanization stage- This stage requires him to control, and have converted massive amounts of dark mana. To reach this stage he would need all 4 omens to have reached stage 3. This increases his spellcasting power, and summoning limits to almost unreal limits. Stage 5: Empire- He takes over enough land to form an actual empire. It increases spellcasting, and summoning limits further. Stage 6: Rapture- He quite literally ends all life on earth, and resets humanity. starting over again. however he has never reached this stage, stage 5, or stage 4. I honestly doubt people would not reset him before he reaches this power level.

    Armor description
    The cursed omen armor negates all effects that magic has on the body, this includes curses, enchanted weaponry, and death rituals. aside from that it provides decent protection from most swords. It’s rather thick making maces, and war hammers weaker to it. Aside from that the armor blinds the wearer, and allows them to see mana directly. It also cripples the user, making their legs useless. Omen has taken the useful habit of levitation as a mode of transport.

    Cultist background
    During the Neolithic revolution, humans considered omen a deity of the after life, and worshiped him. As time went on they continued to do so, they constructed temples in his honor. These cultists made sacrifices of corpses, and bones as to ensure their ancestors had a peaceful afterlife, and not rise from their graves. Aside from that these cultists are rather friendly, and most have been granted immorality(the inability to age) by omen. Allowing them to serve him as advisors, and healers under the title of resurrected.

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