Dj Foxy and Insanity~

On this day, there was a spark of love. Between the lovely Insanity and Serenity and the Rogue and rather young Dj Foxy. Despite his attitude, he was a saint around Insanity. She, in his eyes had done nothing wrong ever in order to deserve his hatred, so he fed her his love. To him she was an angel incarnate and he admitted to her that he would do anything and everything to make her the happiest girl ever. The thing that kept him back was his friend Brandon, who had already been egging her for a few weeks to become his girlfriend. Dj payed no mind to him sometimes, since he was there to only talk and be with Insanity.  Just like she wanted to talk and be with him. But Brandon gave Dj no openings in order for him to express his love to her.  One night, while Brandon was asleep, tired from trying to be with Insanity, Dj got up, dressed himself all nice and fancy for her. Then he went over and started to talking to her. She opened the door, surprised slightly that he would be there at 11:42 at night. He smiled softly and she asked him in, where they talked and after a bit, he grew a bit of confidence. “Y-you know..” he said, a small stutter in his voice as he swallowed hard, this being his first time he ever confronted a girl about his feelings. “I-I’ve been trying to u-uh..” He swallowed his words as his cheeks darkened to a deep crimson, She looked over at him. Smirking she moved forward, their noses nearly touching as his eyes widened.


Should I continue this story? I’m kinda unsure >3>

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