Demon Hunter – Someone to Hate(lyrics)



[Verse 1]
A figure for the closing of time: the antagonist, divine
Void of vacant word, one final answer to be heard
I will carry my decree into a storm of lead
This is total war, my want for tolerance is dead

(To my last breath)
I am someone to hate (I am someone to hate)
I will spit upon the idol for which you stand
I will carry the weight (I will carry the weight)
I will bury your deception with a wrathful hand

Heart is cold, and my weapons are washed in blood
I avow to the call on high
My resolve in the blessed above
In this ever-consuming divide

[Verse 2]
A figure for the closing of time: the antithesis, defined
Threat to faith untrue, I am the enemy of you
All you advocates of Hell, you corruptors of free will
The culling is nigh, better get your fill



Born into the lust within our eyes
Taught to write the scriptures for our lives
(We inherit the lies)


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