Starset – Frequency (Official Audio) with Lyrics Lyrics: I was scanning through the skies And missed the static in your eyes Something blocking your reception It's distorting our connection With the distance amplified Was it all just synthesized? And now the silence screams that you are gone You've tuned me out I've lost your frequency There's something here that's broken There's [...]

Starset – Gravity Of You (Official Audio) with Lyrics Lyrics: There's a silencing As the machine arrives here I feel it pulling me I feel the past that's died there I hear it calling me "You can come alive here." I hear it beckoning Until I am inside Riding the horizon Falling into you Feel the vessel tighten I feel you pull me [...]

Starset – Starlight (Official Audio) with Lyrics Lyrics: Stardust In you and in me Fuse us Into unity Primeval We're coupled Born from the universe Farewell The void is calling Don't fear For futures and dreams They're fleeting, retreating It's ok I promise I don't know what to say But I'm going to want you till the stars evaporate We're only [...]