Aydin Vahshi (Character Sheet)

Aydin Vahshi (Eye-Dean Vash-Ee) , the leader of the sadistic city of Dolorragh (Dole-lore-rah).


DOB: December 21st, 1992.

Species: Dolorrite

Gender: Male

Occupation: Leader and spymaster


The top picture is meant to evoke the character inspiration: Asdrubael Vect from Warhammer 40000.  Bottom picture courtesy of a commission from another site.

All Dolorrites are meant to invoke an alluring/attractive alien appearance. Aydin is no exception. He looked very differently when he was human. In general, the Dolorrite species are supposed to be evocative of the Dark Eldar or Dark Elves. They all look human from a distance, but up close has considerable differences.

To get a better sense of the appearances, it is best to understand what differentiates Dolorrites from baseline humanity:

Dolorrite ears are mobile. They use their ears to communicate much like a cat does with its tail. They are capable of using facial expressions, but typically prefer to use their ears for body language. Their eyes give a different vibe than a human pair’s. To the enemy, it appears predatory. To friendlier interactions, it is either alluring or compelling in a hypnotizing way. Their noses appear to be sharper than a human’s and are capable of detecting pheromones.

Bodily posture is usually lithe and posed in a way that is straight yet can pounce at any time. Their musculature is rather dense, allowing them to perform feats beyond other humanoids. They also age slower than baseline humans, giving off an eerily youthful vibe. Skin color can vary just like humans, but appear to smoother and sleeker in texture. As the bodily proportions were built for speed and agility, the muscles play into this by allowing acrobatic feats. It certainly would be appropriate to think of agile predators such as lions and tigers when it comes to their usual posture.


Like all Dolorrites, he takes pride in sadism and cruelty. However, he has the tact and refinement for diplomacy and considers torture to have an art. Aydin has a hatred of paranormal entities (often called Xenos) due to them taking his old life away from him. The king of Dolorragh has a problem with non-Dolorrite women because his previous lover was a vampiress, with him considering that past relationship to be undesirable.

Dolorragh is his pride and joy. He takes ruling the city as his utmost duty. While he has a cold, unfeeling exterior, it’s a result of external unresolved issues. The fanatical devotion is a result of that he’s practically damaged goods.

While he is indeed affable and hospitable to guests and allies, he often feigns friendliness to targets to lull them into a false sense of security.


Born on the first day of winter in 1992 to an Iranian-American family, he grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth. An early diagnosis of autism was confirmed a year and a half later, adding difficulty to life. Fortunately, he eventually overcame it by adulthood. This was all thanks to early intervention and lifelong treatments since he was around age two. However, by the time paranormal beings took over planet Earth circa 2020, that autism diagnosis would bite him. On 2022, he was taken in along with other high-functioning autistic people for dubious experiments. The experiments were intended to make a model citizen out of the autistic population gathered. The paranormals wanted to install traits such as cunning, viciousness, and warlike attitudes. These rigorous experiments shaped them in not just physical ways, but mental attitudes too. Socially, they were upgraded as well. The goal was to have all the strengths of autism heightened as well as their weaknesses inverted. Everything had to become strength in the eyes of the scientists. It was all akin from forging a blade from a chunk of metal.

The paranormal scientists behind the project saw a lot of potential. With so much alteration and upgrades, everything from the former autistics became fundamentally changed. Aydin was no exception to this. Because of his upgrades granting 1st place performances in physical, mental, and social aptitude (among the other autistics compared), the overseer of the experiment took a shine to him. Much to Aydin’s dismay, the overseer was none other than the beautiful vampiress Scarlett Sable. His concerns were correct in that she tried to mold him into becoming her husband. He was nearly married to her until an incident gave him impetus to escape the lab he was in. Scarlett killed a dear female friend of Aydin’s in front of him, all so she could have all the attention.

For that, he eventually escaped the lab with his life and his comrades with him. What would have been Scarlett’s ace in the hole was instead a rebel leader. They all managed to escape in 2028, six years later after capture. In 2029 however, they found out that the paranormals still had a hold on their psyches/minds. It was akin to a tracking chip. After brutally interrogating a paranormal agent, they found out that torturing Xenos would loosen or even reverse the hold it has on them. 2030 was when the city of Dolorragh was founded, with him at the helm.

Revenge was the desire. It was the goal for his people. Torture became a lifestyle for them. Tales of Dolorragh cruelty echoed across the paranormal occupiers, with even the higher ups dreading Dolorrite raiding parties. It is said that he, along with the rest of the Dolorrites, revere a powerful being as a god. That being’s name is Tezkatokoli, with the Dolorrites attributing his domain as all forms of violence. Ergo, both a god of Death and War at the same time. All sacrifices are made in the being’s name.


A shard pistol and hard-light rifle are his typical weapons of choice. While the hard-light rifle is anti-material, the shard pistol is anti-personnel. With the former, it really just is a very fancy laser rifle that excels in armor piercing. The shard pistol fires shards of metal coated with Dolorrite poison/venom. Said venom affects any organism with a nervous system and fires up pain receivers to the maximum. This gives severe sensations of pain in every part of the body, possibly crippling a target from shock.

Aydin also has a family heirloom with him, a Persian shamshir. Used for melee combat, the sword has been upgraded and maintained to possess an ultra-sharp monomolecular edge. Even the slightest of touches can draw blood. He takes care to make it as sharp as sharp can be for the sword.


Dolorrites are unrivaled in speed, precision, and cruelty. Aydin is no deviant from the norm at all. To get a better idea of his physical abilities, Dolorrite physiology must be taken into account. They are slimmed down and more agile than any human or vampire, to the point that kinetic weapons would be difficult to use against them. With senses beyond most other humanoids, they are able to sense enemies and strike with blinding speed and precision. They use their abilities to compensate for the humanoid durability. In other words, they are all glass cannons.  Fortunately, he’s no slouch in melee combat.

Leadership and espionage are needed for being the king of the Dolorrites, meaning that Aydin is no slouch in those two subjects. He rules the people with an iron fist covered by a velvet glove as well as well-calculated gifts.

Useful notes and quotes

“It’s a funny thing, how a scared autistic man turned into King Prick of Dolorragh.”

Aydin Vahshi as a name translates into “Savage Lightbringer” using Persian grammar. Aydin roughly translates as “lightbringer” and Vahshi translates into either feral/savage/wild.

“Freedom is a lot more important than the hottest lady the Xenos have to offer.”

It is possible that members of his family are still alive. Vahshi wasn’t his original last name. A possible reunion may end in bloodshed. Aydin has endured a good amount of attempts on his life; he doesn’t want any chances.

“Just as death is my food, terror is my drink!”

He is best used in RPs that take place in the mid-future, at least the year 2031.  Setting originally was science fantasy.

All of this was based off an intense nightmare I had.


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