Ape Escape – Specter

Name: Specter

Nicknames: N/A

Age: Unknown

Abilities: Specter is proficient with telepathic powers, relying heavily on energy shields and blasts for offensive and defensive capabilities. He is also capable of creating false versions of himself to distract enemies. Finally, it seems the more angry he gets the stronger he gets. For instance, in Ape Escape 3, Specter was easily able to create energy blasts that extended out in radius similar to a nuclear detonation, as well as using shields.

Personality: Specter is arrogant and typically self-centered most of the time, claiming that humans are a weak species that should be living beneath monkeys and other species of primates. This is a side effect of the helmet, most likely being the source of his aggression and hatred. Or, Specter could finally understand the situation his species is in (being forced to perform, experimented on, kept inside zoos and etc.) and perceive humans as a threat.

His typical dark humor is what he is best known for, extremely dark and playful with a sharp tone of sarcasm. In a nut shell he is very cocky and believes no one can stop him. Over the course of the games, this does not change much. Specter was at his most dangerous in the first game simply due to how close his plan was to succeeding in world domination and the countless amounts of resources he had.

At first avoiding Spike before actually trying to kill him twice, each time Spike survived Specter’s attempts to off him or break his spirit by sending Jake to compete against him it caused Specter’s mental state to deteriorate slightly. By the time Spike had fully ruined Specter’s plans and damaged the albino’s resources beyond repair Specter had fully lost it, even having a short mental breakdown in front of Spike before teleporting away. When Spike finally caught up to him for the final time, Specter professed that he missed his old trainer, but still had no plans to return to the park and engaged Spike in a final battle. His own over confidence in his abilities proved to be Specter’s own defeat and he was captured finally.

After Ape Escape 2, Specter’s temperament was gone, and he planned to do whatever it took so that his plan would succeed. Long term use of the helmet and repeated failures caused Specter to become slightly more sadistic and possibly insane; aiming to chop the world in half without caring for human life. It is possible that Specter knew the humans would die, and since his TV broadcasts left almost everyone except a slight few brainwashed no one would have been able to survive, with himself and the monkeys possibly living on Saru-3 or possibly the moon. In this case, Specter has also tried to commit genocide of the entire human race.

Over time, Specter became more dictator like than the first game, becoming more and more desperate while losing his sanity to a complete breakdown. Suffice to say while in the first two games Specter showed mercy or at least tried to avoid killing the protagonist, Specter legitimately attempted to kill Kei and Yumi himself during the final battle of Ape Escape 3.

Height: 5’0 (Human form)

Gender: Male

Skin: (Human Caucasian) (Ape form white fur)

Bio: Specter is the main villain of the Ape Escape series and the focus of all the main series of games. He is an albino monkey that used to perform in a juggling act during his stay at Monkey Park. During the events of Ape Escape, Specter accidentally gets a hold of an experimental helmet that boosts his intelligence; freeing the rest of the apes from the amusement park and using technology made by the professor (the time machine) to travel back in time. Although he was defeated, Specter quickly took any chances he got (such as Ape Escape 2/3) to retry world domination in various ways, either through mass mind control or chopping the Earth in half. He is best known for his advanced Peak Point Helmet that he created himself off of the original model which also gives him super powers and his mechanized throne that he is rarely seen without.


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